Here at 46 South Tint and Customs we take pride in our work to ensure we supply you with a high standard of window tint. Your car can be your pride and joy so we will look after it like it is our own.

We only tint to the legal limit of 35% for MA Class vehicles. NZTA have set this percentage for WOF reasons and we have to work within the law. 
Also your insurance company could refuse any claim if you have illegally modified you vehicle.
So do it once and do it right.

Why do I want to tint the windows on my car?

Many people think it is only to improve the look of the car but there are many other reasons to apply tint to your car.

Comfort - Makes travelling on sunny days more comfortable.

UV - Harmful UV rays are damaging to your skin and the vehicles interior. Window film cuts UV by 98% to protect your car and occupants.

Privacy - Darkened glass keeps vehicle occupants and personal belongings away from prying eyes.

Safe - Window film reduces the risk of flying glass causing injury in the unfortunate result of an accident.


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